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Friday, September 11, 2009


heyyy human .

it's been like a decade i did'nt update my blog. padahal it was only like 2 months and half. i think. but i do update my secret my blog. the one and only person that is invited to read it is me, myself and i. anyway, PMR is jus like 25 days more. i know all the pmr candicates are strugling. strugling lah sgt korg. haha. trial has just passed and alhamdulilah my grades are as good as i hope. u dun have the right to know it.

hey i smell so good right now. haha. i know its pretty freak writing about body odour. but it is just once in a while.

i'm happy really happy since this is the fasting month. so no setan setan or those jins. haha. but i think maybe there are some. haha. those with really bad attitudes as bad as those devils. bulan ramadhan yg baik and mulia why dun make some better change. kan? ceh like i'm doin it? i thinks so. a bit. being really modest especially when it comes to shopping raye. haha. is that considered as good thing? ya i think so.

bulan ramadhan nih sinonim dgn smbhyg terawih. i did that few times. i dun have the transoport to go to the masjid. masjid is quite far from my place. but at least i do it.

raye raye raye! around the corner people? dun u guys feel excited about it? i'm so so so excited. ha? kidding. seriously i'm not. it's becus of PMR. so i wanna put all the blame on PMR. becus of that PMR thing i dun really feel happy in celebrating raye. PMR OH PMR.

bought few things. heels? done. tinggi punye. handbag? done.

gotta stop here. i'm on a date again with my math book. aww.

p/s: gemok sombongggg doh. haha. bla la ko.

tatatata :)

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