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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hello Earth-er

Firstttly, I'm extremely happy because my final exam is over so I'm going to conclude that books are not my bestfriends for a little while. and addmaths was like 'only-Einstein's son-can answer' and the rest were rough and tough as it suppose to be rough and tough. but come on why shd I waste my time blogging about past. So, majorly I blog this moment this second is because there's no one else at facebook I can chat with. Though my friend have reached thousands but I can say that only few can be called real facebook friends. -.-

This is my new family member! My newborn baby sister. She was born on 29th Sept and sadly I've seen her yesterday. I just love the smell of new born baby. hehe. and the name give is syahdiyah. (I'm not sure if this is the right spelling). and it's a fact can't be denied that she is so so so cute just like me. preeettay annoying? HAHA. My mom said her face is more like syahmina and her lips is like azim's.

So that was the first story and secondly, I'm proudly telling you I'm sacrificing my sleeping sunday for the incoming Panca Delima. I'm looooking for door gifts and souvenirs for teachers and form 5. so where else I can get a high quantity of stuffs with a cheap price? So GG and I went to the shops near Petaling Street. Since it was sunday, so most of the shops are closed but I'm thankful to the chinnnese people who are willingly to open their shops on Sunday.

There's a lot of stuffs but I have to make sure evrything is within the budget. So we bought like 15o key chains and gifts for best dresses and all. And I bought few masks for me and sister. :) we surveyed like most of the shops and it was worth it. And sharifah and I went to nearby Petaling Streetto buy shades. Thought they were fake but they are good enough to protect me on Sunny sunday.

This one was taken at. I cant remeber -.-

Its Christine Daaae and the Phantom. HAHA

This one is for me and Ina gemok. HAHA =.=

Thenn, we walk walk and walk along masjid India looking for shawls and all. and finally end up at JJ tiredly to eat. HAHA.

That's all I guess. But yesterdayy was memorable. :) It makes me smile till the second I fell asleep. HAHA. I'm insane. Ignore me. -.-

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