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Friday, October 29, 2010

the incoming Amor Alase

It's Fryday baby. and 15 mins more we're going home to hostel. duhh. and yesssss next week we're going home. I repeat it back, we're going home and yes form 3 and form 5 shd be jealous because they're spending their weekend again in hostel. :( and everyone is super busy withh all these panca stuffs. lots of stuffs to be done. fuhh. and finally I've completed my work doing all the certificates and downloading songs. yes yes. and that's why finally I can update my blog. Though you may see me at facebook. I was'nt there okay. I'm not facebooking. I'm doing work. cehhh. okay thats all. I'll be updating again. All I'm hoping is everything will turn out just as we planned tomorrow. The zorros, songs, masks and all. goodluck altima. :D And the theme for this year is Amor Alase which is wings of love. Those are latin words. And as you know, exam has over, and results are like big rocks knocking my head each day. and it makes me feel down down down. but at least I've tried my best and work till the last.


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