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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Best of All :)

Hello again

This is going my last post. I think. Yes my last post. There is nothing I would like to post but I wanna feel the excitement of blogging for the last time before I go back to Temerloh tomorrrow. A weeek before Raye we reunited again. I mean 3 W 2009. and I miss you guys so much and realized that you guys have changed a lot physically but still the same mentally, I guess. Well in fact, Acap is still as vain as he used to be and Hadi, the sabah guy. HAHA. getting taller about an inch. and shakila, I think she's growing her cheeeeks, but no worry still cute. And like lots of stuffs. because mainly, some of us are not in the same school so we did'nt really know much about each other. And what surprised me me the most is Khai. The first time he joined this kind of stuffs.

So as planned, we ate at KFC. I'm so glad to see you guys. I laughed so hard that I don't even make sounds and burst out into tears and I'm feeling my six packs coming on. Okay that part is a lie because it is impossible for me to have six packs. HAHA.

And here are the pictures. I'm not the photographer. I'm not used to this kind of gadgets. Yes I'm out dated. but at least I'm lucky because my friend has this one goood stuff to carry everywhere. the DSLR. haha. I wish I had one. But I'm so goinngg to leave it everywhere. moreover, it's fragilee mannn -.-.

Thanks you so much Farhana Salman for the pictures babyy :)

First, this is the amazing outwedges camerawomann. HAHA

Halizaa. :) She's my shoulder to cryyy on :'( HAHA

And this is shashaaa and halizaa again.
(Shasha makin cunn woooh)

Threeeee Wangsaaa 2009.
(Not that perfect. some of them are not here)
I like the one in striped shirt. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Slowwwwly mannn -.-

Bc doa bukak puase tak korang korang ni?

Love muchh

Tibe2 peaceee minah sorang ni. HAHAHA

I like this one lotsss.

I told ya they are still the same mentally. :P

:) :) :)

The end of this post.
Thanks for the memoriess guys.
Best class ever 1 2 3 Wangsa. :D

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