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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


HAHAHAH. hello blog. well this is my first time blogging here in my NEW place so called HOME. this is my NEW post in a NEW place in a NEW school in a NEW atmosphere using a NEW computer. I am no longer wangsa maju 2 for a fact I shd know and so as you. I'm currently at SBPI Temerloh , Pahang. But still I got time to blog and so on. Suppose sekarang I shd be in the class learning physics dengan lelehan air mata mengantuk keluar but yeah MR ROR is not in the school so we are like free. ya! :D

This place is okay. Okay so far. and I miss home, I mean like things I do at home, but at the same time I'm glad I'm in a boarding school because that is what I really want. hehe. cehhh poyo. and the schedule is so so so super pack mannn.I wake up so early in the morning, ayam pun tak berkokok lagi. and sleep quite late at night. and HAHAH. goood i'm being independent. I'm being miss independent so farr. fuyohhhh. HAHA. and I miss those girls. MEKLIZASHA. HAHA. my three totally spies threee, power puff girls. and all I'm hoping is to gain more experience learn more. duhh -.- stop babbling.

and this part I shd write quite a long time ago. hehe. MY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY! AWESOME! hehe. It was a normal Monday. A school day so lets go to school duhh. and so as I came there they were. my girls. haha. THANKS THANKS KEPADA SESIAPA YANG WISH PAGI2 TUH INCLUDING YANG MALAM MALAM TUH. and so we learn chemistry after recess and the math. but math was the best part! As I get into the class I saw my Math teacher and later few few few minutes I saw my classmates Chew and Frhn. HAHAHAH. and there he was carrying secret recipe bagg. HAHA and so you know sing a birthday song HAHAHA happpy birthdayyy to youu and bla blahh. HAHA. i shd have take a lots of pics. =.- but I didnt get the chance because it was more like a surprise party. the wayy I wrute in not that interesting because I'm so not gooooood in writing. heh. but sumpah it was SUPER AWESOME! :D

and my last day at wangsa maju was a sad day fr me. HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHA. eh sedih la. haih lame lagi nak balik rumah. ada orang cakap balik 7th May. adoiii lamenye. ada orang cakap 30th Aprill. lamaa, ada orang pulak cakap maybe form 1 2 and form 4 baru balik 23rd Aprill sebab they got this hari kecermelangan but my instinct tells me I'm going home on 23rd YAYYYYY! :D


muah muah muah :-*

toodles. :D

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