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Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm greeeeningg the EARTH.


Todayyy. yes yes today. I went to Hutan Simpan Felda Kemasul, Mentakab. Since this is my first time involving in this greening the earth thing I'm so so so excited. We were given T shirt and yeah its a plain white T Shirt with Pahang punya Logo. EHEH. and so so it takes an hour to get there, to be exact 1 hour 5 mins. temerloh to mentakab isn't that far. it was only 20 mins trip but when we reached Felda Kemasul we have to go in. sampai ke hulu wehh. Hahaha. Jalan die pun macam ular kene palu.

And for the first time ever, I went to Felda. I heard a lot about Felda but I never went to Felda and I'm glad today I got the chance. And as you know, there are palm oil plantation, and getah and so on. heh. and so what did I do there. I planted a tree. a tree. a baby tree. cangkul semua sendiri. HAHA

And and thats all I guess. Lets Green the Earth !


sophia sallehuddin said...

you will always be my miss ENVIROMENTALIST
love you


YEAAAA i know! aku nak save the earth. kenapa la semua dalam dunia tak mcm aku? HAHA. love ya too!

Thank You