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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sixteen 16

Happy Birthday to youu, Happy Birthday to youu, Happy Birthday to Sarah, Happy Birthday to youuu. :D

HEHE. 2 days more and I'll be sixteen. This is what we call the excitement in a teenager when their birthday is around the corner. and of course I'm hoping for surprises from my parents. hehe. presents perhaps? nahhh. It is enough even A Wish. A Wish which is sincerely come from the bottom of the heart.

People do say that we shd make wishes on our birthday because our birthday is not the day where we celebrate everyday. And I have a lot a lot of wishes. So many wishes I kept deep inside me. Uncountable and some of them are wishes that wont come true. Fr example: Marry with Prince Williams. HAHAHAA =.= and also my other wish that wont come true is my current school turn into a school more like HSM. haha. We're all in this together, once we know...blablabla.

Back to the main topic, I'm sixteen wait I'm sixteeen? heh. Since I'm sixteen, soon, I think I shd act more like a mature person. Because my dad used to say 'awak ni tak matang lagi dalam hidup. Hidup ni banyak benda. Bukan setakat internet online, TV, orang dah matang tak bergaduh dengan adik darjah 3, apa lah sarah ni'

Okayy, conclusion , I'm going to 16. Thats it. Its a normal thing I'm getting older, well who gets younger except Benjamin Button. The curious case of Benjamin Button is a very great movie, Two thums up. Five Star. Awesomeee! :D


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