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Friday, March 12, 2010

One perfect bad day

One perfect bad day. Well in the morning I thought my day will be as normal as it used to be. Random days. =.= but it turn out to be one of the worst day ever in this week. I guess. =.= Morning was okay. We got this maulidur rasul sambutan but seriously I dont understand what the ustaz was trying to say. because you know the hall was noisy and the ustaz's voice was unclear so what else can I do? so me and those girls, were gossiping. bad attitude.

and the rest is normal. and marks. not much but okay I guess. I shd work harder so I can get better result. and then later on, we went to amanina. hahahaha. lawak ah. aman apasal da gemok sekarang? she seems fatter seriously. aku tak tau ape sains muar bagi ko makan. heh. and H_SKEMA left me alone :( she went to CC . heh. blah la kauuu!

and and and finally the PBSM. hahaha. lame. seriously this perjumpaan. but the main thing my group ALPHA won the best group. thanks to those who contributes. and go home with my bestfrend. HAHAHAHA. and here the thing start, I missed the rapid bus because I was day-dreaming. so I callled my beloved dadddddy ayah bapak father segala jadah to fetch me at the LRT. an hour mannnnn. heshhhh! sakit kaki aku berdiri! the sec I got in the car kene marah la pulak because I walk too slow. no glucose anymore left in my bod so no energy.

around 7 at home. and and I saw this one fat monster a.k.a ina a.ka my sister she was riding on the bicycle with my most beloved new pair of wedges! I wanna kill her that second and campak dalam longkang. so there was cat fight. throwing stuff all that but thanks, my mom scolded her and so you know I won the war! :D and and then no electricity. ni tak tahan! panas ohh. stiff home in the dark is like urghhhh! disastaaaa! :D and finally when I was bathing, the lights on! yay! :D

If I have the ability to do the fish face, I'll do it everytime I stress!


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syiera said...

Akak ni kakak Suhaila kan? Kirim salam dekat Suhaila eh? Dah lame giler tak jumpe dengan Suhaila!

Thank You