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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finally I post somethin

HELLLLLLO. I'm prettttty excited to blog todayy. hehe. since I dont post anything fr a month.

Okayyy. Here the idea comes. I want to write about about about me. haha. well no one interested so perhaps I shd'nt. Okayy about MY BIGGEST FEAR. well its not really my biggest fear because my biggest fear is cat. but my current biggest fear is exam. alahaiii exam. Lots of stuffs to read and to be revised but seee , you can see me on facebook or myspace. fr me, 24 hours is not enough. I need 50 hours a day to manage myself perfectlyy. but I still do spend 1/10 of my 24 hours to study, okayy thats good sarahh! :) stiiil I openn my book. and tomorrow I'm going to sit fr ADDMATHS. and I'm extremely excited in a freak way you can never imagine. :/ malam ni aku nak blaja add maths! :D my prediction tells me, that I'm gonna be sleepy when I open my addmaths book. heh. =.='

And now I'm gonna do some craps on my love life storyy. heh. I dont have much time to crap on this because pleassee sarah is not the lovey-dovey type. but yeah I know what love is because I'm learning it, experiencing it and and and thats all I guess. My mind got stucked. something is blocking it.

Finallly, my essay is going to end about my feeling. the frustration feeling of not being chosen fr the SBP. huh. seriouslyyy, I think my life is okayy and nearly to perfect but you just dont get the feeling. masa depan aku gelap. There are a lot of good teachers in the schoool, but the main thing is not about teacher or anything. Its about me, I've planned what I wanna do in life and for me life has to be according to my plan. but but. :( so now I'm following the flow. I dont wannna plan anything again. :/, so far. duhh.

and I read this one love quote 'DONT BELIEVE IN PROMISES THAT CAN BE BROKEN'. and I think its true. Guy dumbs girl anytime but girl does'nt dumb guy. and guy tells the girl how much they love the girl whereas the guy does'nt really love the girl. but girl don't tell the guy how much they love the guy but deeep deep down there the girl loves the guy a lot. rightt?


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