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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara

Finally I get the chance to update my blog. I'm not busy. I'm just tooooo L-A-Z-Y. haha. Lott and lots and lots of things happened lately. Wait. I would like to tell you guys I'm fine. :) haha. like you really wanna know. HAHA. i'm fine and fine and so fine. :p

First of all I would like to show my appreciation to my Sharifah Alawiah Syed Esa . hehe. Thanks for everything :)) My shoulder to cry on all the time even in the midnight :P HAHA. and also the one who motivates me a lot. HAHAHA. :p thanks thanks! :D

Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara! HAHAA. so so so now here come the Sukantara! HAHA. and I'm pretty excited this year. I attend all the house practices. haha. and also the sukantaras, but but but as you know I'm not good at sport so, sorry Jebat don't hope points from me! HAHA. I cant even run 100m. hahaha. and sarah and I were holding hands while running! HAHAHA.

But my sunshine is different. He's good at sports. :DD lg2 high jump. :) Sometimes in life I really want to feel how its like being an athlete in schoool and won this and that, run faster than others and jump higher than others. I am never a girl who can run run run till the end and later be chosen by the teachers. All I can do is scream and shout for my house! HAHA. but still that can be considered as taking part in sport. HAHA.

And also there is a cheerleading team. BHAHAHA! cehh wangsa maju nak jadi SBU or CBN ke? HAHA. but at least my school has the gut to organise a cheer team though we have no coach. still I think they can do split. cart wheel and bla bla bla. go to the top. When I was in SBU I love to see the cheerleaders doing their practice. They will roll up their track suit until it looks like a short. And of course shirlift is the greatest. But I am Prouse! but I support Maclay. And I dont like Cooke and Green! HAHA..

And I'm not fine. things seem to be so wrong. and it's weird I'm being wayy sensitive than usual. and and I'm weak. Small tiny problem makes my day end faster than usual. I'm stuck and stuck and stuck! I want things to be fine as usual. and and. sun, please shine like you used to. makes my day brighter. Sarahhhhhhh. be strongg. by smiling. :((

There are many ways of smiling.


Sharifah Alawiah said...

apesall ni?
anyways! nnt lah tgkp gmbr lain! haha
anyways, jum pg fraser dgn aku nk x?

ps: kalau ade jodoh xkemaner!


hahahaha! apesal aponye? haha
orite no hall! :D

P/S: yups!

Thank You