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Monday, February 8, 2010

I had a Super Great Sunday but Super Sad Monday

1 2 3 ! Here the story goes. Yesterday was my annoying brother's birthday. Happy 14th Birthday! Get all A's for PMR 2011. :) mmuuaaahh! ewww. bwekk! Dont read this brother! HAHA

Todayyyy. Its kinda awkward for me since frhn is not here anymore. I'm sad because he is not by my side like he used to. Time will make things better. Baru saru jam he went away and I miss him like. hahaha. frhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i miss you. I hope you'll be just fine at your new place. New friends. New School. New teachers. New Surrounding. New atmospehere but sorry NO new girlfriend. One is enough. HAHA

And yesterday also I went to Wangsa Walk to see my bestfriend for the last time. I had lots of fun with him. Talk + Laugh. :D Seriously I had lots of fun. I wish today is yesterday and yesterday never end. he is moving to other school. :( He is goinggg to leave me. So who's gonna text me if its not him? who's gonna talk with me in the midnight if its not him? who am I going to call if I cry? Who's going to smile back to me in class if I turn around? Who's gonna care for me like he did? He's been a very special someone to me. Since last october, there was never in a day I didnt text or call him. I'll be missing youu sunshine.

I just realized that this post is about me missing someone. HAHA. thats all. :D


sophia sallehuddin said...

cian ko
paan xdek????????


haha. paan tak de aa. :(

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