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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


in future......

i'm dr. sarah. i'm 27 years old. yeah i'm a super cardiologist from Medical School Otago University New Zealand. i'm currently working at IJN. i work with the goverment. i love my patients. my daily routine starts at 8.00 a.m in the morning and end like 5.00 pm. haha. so drive all the wayyy back to my home sweet home, Kampung Warisan, Setiawangsa. which is next to Seri Maya. my dear Dr. Nyna live there. yeah she's a paeditrician. and work at HUKM. iloveyouubestie.

and now i'm 28. i'm married. with the one i love. well, one thing forsure it's not jason mrazzzz. haha. well never. my pengapit is my bestfrend. and the theme of my weddddinggg is alll white. coz i loveee white as a pure love color. awwww, :D noe gayssss.

and now i'm 35. i'm blessssed with 4 kids. one girl three boyss. haha. yeah got twin sons. haha . i got cute babies. i send them to schooool everyday and take them out every weekend. :D

and now 50 i'm working with World Health Organization. HAHA i'm replacing Margaret Chan. you the young people i dun think so u knw who is margaret chan. well she is WHO current presidenr if i'm not mistaken. and yeah do you knw dr. jamilah? she was Mercy Malaysia president. and currently she is working with the humanity organization. and yeaa she is my idol. so yeahhh.

meet dr. jamilah. she was the president of mercy malaysia. and i like her a lot.

well this is margaret chan. and i'll replace her one day. haha

hahaha. i've beeen too farrr from my imagination. well, thats my biggie dreamsss in such a small head. i shouldnt think that far whereas my PMR pun tak lepas lagi. but yeah tht's me and deal with it. i think a lot about the future. other girls may think bout their holy love life but me more into being a doctor and the New Zealand thangggg* lets give some slang over there. thanngg. and thats all. you knw when you keep thinking about what u have always wanted and try to achieve them that's what we call law of attraction. hahaha

and yeahhh what else? tomorroe school. and i hate it. hate early nesss. haha. better be on my bed and sleeeeeep all day long. and tomorrow gotta return all the text books and i lost my math text book. where the plce on earth i put it. i can't remember. haha. yea totally. and that book cost like 20 bucks sumthing. gotta use my own money since this is my mistake for not taking good care enough fr my booooks. not boooks just one thick math boook. and see al the pretty wacko faces. haha. and yeah school i'm coming.


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