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Sunday, October 25, 2009

heyyo. :)

so so so how are youu? hey today is sunday. and yeah tomorrow is monday. just another minute monday, i wish it is sunday. well, supposely today i've planned to go to open houses and yeah tht new big mall. wangsa walk mall. but then i really have to go to my granma's house. so yeah i have to go becus it's beeeen quite a long time tak jumpe nenek aku. nun jauh sane di shah alam. and went to visit my bro kat asrama. but i did'nt i was sleeeping. so my mom left me. haha. u knw what my grnma's bed is like the most comfortable bed ever. i cant resist that bed. and trust me when you sleeep there its like heaven. haha. and stuck bored there. message org tuh die pulak tak reply. haha. so that's how was my boring sunday. the end of my day story. :D

eh oh knw tomorrrrrooowww schooooool!

now now now i dunno why but i feeel like about my dream guy:

goood looking. haha. no i mean everyone wants a goood looking partner. rite? well dun say no. becus i knw u want a good looking partner. haha. well me, i want a guy with a pointed nose and prettttty teeeth. and not that fair and not that dark. that's all

next, body. i dun want the body builder one, haha. never. my bestfriend likes guy with lots of muscle but not me. i want the stick thin type. haha. nice kan? but not like reallly thin like those people yg tak cukup makan kat africa. haha. kurus sahaja. that's all. haha. mengarutt je. but my dear bestie said the stick thin like i want to peluk tak bestt. haha.hugging or not i dunno. anyways, you'll feeeeel good when you hug ur loved one whether fat thin muscular stick thin. haha.

then, of course u knw,hmm. the sweeeet one. whatever it is, my boyfriend has to be sweet. u knw why? becus i'm not sweeet so if he's not sweet and i'm not sweet so the relationship won't work and yeah i'm grateful my current lover is a sweeeet. so sweet mannn. haha. and yeah u knw loyal. becus loyalty is the best loyalty. eh eh no honesty is the best policy but somehow loyalty is the best policy too. kan? and yeah all the good manners. dun tell me u wanna date the bad typo typo. haha. and finally, never fr a SMOKER. ewwww.

and and byk lagi. haha. but i shd'nt write cus its like more into husband idaman. haha. okay.


He's one of my dream guy. haha. and yeah he's handsome. hidung mancung gigi lawa kurus. he's good too. becus we rarely hear bad rumors bout this this hot dude! and he's an ambitious too. he owns a farm. anak mude sekarang nie tak nak buat all the kerja kampung mcm ashraf muslim. and and be like him if you wanna date me. i'm dying for him. haha. noe i'm not but maybe. i was. when i was form 2 i was like so obsessed with him but now i knw there's no such thing sarah is marrying ashraff muslim. haha. that's tooo far beyond my imagination. he did'nt even knw me. whatevr it is iloveyouuu ashraf muslim. :)

tootles. :D

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