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Monday, October 19, 2009

a big big big happy smile i'm giving to everyone today.

yesterday was horrible. seriously. i was facing FOUR major probs. and i'm stucked in my own head without finding the way out. feeeeels like wanna scream! yeah. mann. i need some space. i dun want all these stufffs stuck in my head. well then to make it better. i shower for like 3 times yesterdayy. yeah trust me you can release your stress by showering. trust me. yeah then. there was like a big fight with me and this one dude. yeah name is not suppose to be tell. it was like the second major fight between me and him. he started to sayy all those unsuppose things to me. whereas he know nothing. since he moved on to another place. he knw nothing. i was like so stupidd. when i called him to settle down all these craps and i started to cry. yeah. i knw. dun have to mention. it was a very stupid mistake. and and and finally we end up like being friends again. yeah he sent me a voice mail singing maafkan kami. haha. yeah that thought me a lot and so as him. so hopefully there is no third major fight with and this dude. haha. :D

so one thing has been settle down.

there is another friend. haha. yeah friend. wellllll he did'nt txt me fr a quite longggg time becus sumthng i dun knw bt i'm wrong. haha. or he is wrong. for being wayyy paranoid ! yeah my dear paranoia friend. hahaha. sorry2. well. i dun think so he'll be reading my blog again becus i dun want him to. haha. and i'm sure he wont but there is possibilities he will. he read or not, its okay with me. and and yeah yesterday evening i txted him becus i miss him. hahahahahaha. yeah i want to knw whats wrong with him. haha. yeah yeah and finally it's fine. betweeen me and him. haha. yeah back again he's okay. well. :)

so another one thing has been settle down.

another one is about that guy i crush a lot. yeah. haha. but like a friend said 'he's using you sarahh , cant you see?' well if he is then am i suppose to do. right? he's not mine. and i'm not his. and i dunno how many time i have been repeating this thing over and over again. i never hope fr more. it's enough to be a friend. he reply my comment pun da ckp bgs. hahaha. i dun deserve him. he deserve to be with the hotties. haha. and yeah nt me. haha. well i shd stop crapping then. and yeah all my lovers : nynadiraliza. thx fr the support. haha. and especially to nyna. , we talked a lot yea bout this emotional distraction love thing. haha. and liza , thx fr hearing the words tak layak over and over again and diraaa tue for dgr aku menggedik. haha. anyway put of topic. haha. and yeah there you go, i'm goinggg. haha. :)

this is an unsettle matter but i dun care that much about this hollla matter.

and and the other one is girl's nature stuff or whtever you hoolies might call it. haha

and now everything is in order. i mean is happening as i want to. yea better to appreciate what we have. yea i appreciate my friends. a lot. we want to go out today but yeah so liza is not going so nik is not going and since nik is not going i'm not going and i'm not going nyna is not going. haha, going out without them is meaningless especially nyna. :D.she's my greatest evr. haha.

arghhh. i hate school, why should i go to school after pmr anyways? hahaha. u knw that song lyric.

'shush girl shuts ur lips do the hellen killer and talk with ur hips'
'sarah she came to me with a letter in hand
and my fav ever is

i got all my love to give i got all my life to live, i will survive'

so yeah then i'm tired of writing all these crappppssss, my dear quirky. haha.

someone asked me : do you own any cow around here. excuse me, do i look like farmer? haha. booyah, noe! haha. dun asked me tht kind of question.

i better get going. neeeeed my beauty sleeeep . haha. zzz. :)

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