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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


hey people

today is the first of june so according to my calendar, today suppose to be the last day i'm updating my blog. yea its true. so after this, no more blogging for me. huh. u knoe what? pmr is just like 3 months more. oke2 back to the topic. lately was gooood. i'm concentrating more on my studies so as my dearest frends. all my homeworks? preeetttty goood. haha. and my books are my new bestfrends. isn't that great? haha. books help u during exam. what a bestfrends books are. haha.

actully, i dunno what to write on my last post. huh. okeh2. lets write about this. i'm losing a frend. huh. as time passes by, we're not gettin more closer. but its up to that person. huh. no i dun think so talking about this is a good idea. i know he did'nt even knew about me having a blog. but who knows? huh. change topic.

what else? i dun know what to write. i thought of writing a super long post but i dunno what to write. becus everything is so perfect. but im trying to think.

no i cant think.

so lets make a good luck wish.

to people of 3 w:

good luck for the incoming pmr we goona face.
so long, do the best.

and me: good luck to me.

i'll be back after pmr.

a long goooodbye. awww. :(

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