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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Love Everything


If you believe in Love, You Are always alive. That's why I'm alive. Love is for the courageous. Love is a feeling for everything.

Let me tell you what I'm in love with:

I love Sarah Shuhainor. I love my parents. I love my annoying sisters. I love my coo-coo brothers. I love my lousy friends. I love my bello amante scoiattolo. I love to breathe. I love having Hot Chocolate when it is raining. I love sleeping in a pink room. I love talking on phone for hours. I love green. I love money. I love laughing. I love watching movies. I love ring and rose. I love SBPI Temerloh. I love wearing loose-fitting clothes at night. I love Jason Mraz because he's not hot. I love super super hot guys. I love Pantene. I love Europe and Malaysia too. -.- I love rainy days. I love guitarist. I love squirrel. I love pianist. I love music. I love the Internet. I love books. I love swimming. I love ice-skating though I'm not good. I love Genting Highlands. I love vanilla. I love perfume. I love air-cond. I love birds and fishes. I love oldies songs. I love Gloria Gaynor because she inspired me. I love my Cikgu ROR because I think he's way of teaching is awesome. I love Barbie when I was 6. I love dancing in toilet. I love cheese. I love pillow and beds. I love french foods. I love Teh O Ais and maybe coffee too. I love blogging sometimes. I love art though I'm not good, once again. I love watching the Orphan over and over again. I love listening to Late Night Love Songs with Nisha on I love guys who are good at sports. I love watching hunkies at the mall. I love Kuala Lumpur some time. I love the smell of fresh air. I love having sometimes alone for 15 minutes everyday to think about life. I love babies. I love kopikos and hacks. I love watching gays and lesbos because I think they are crackbrained people. I love having scene with my psychotic sisters. I love Akon like so so so much. I love Flo Rida too. I love beaches. I love google-ing for crap stuffs. I love eating at Mamak Stalls. I love horrific and hair-raising movie a lot. I love having cat fights with cats. I love Chocolate Indulgence. I love learning at youtubes.

And I just LOVE the life so much because my life is celestial perfect.

So, what do you love? This post is inspired once again by

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