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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Girls love hot guys. It's a fact that cant be denied. That guy is so so so Hot. I love his style. and the way he pose. but there's one thing I hate a lot about him. He is smoking. For me, hot guys dont smoke and guys who smoke are not hot. There's no use of smoking. You get nothing except diseases in future and you wont be able to sit back and relax at your old time. You will be lying on bed with wires here and there with machine by your side in a room smelled with medecine. rightt? No use.

But, also it seems a modern way of life when you smoke. The urbanites smoke. So people who dont smoke are lame? For me people who dont smoke are those who practice a good way of life and normally they are people who concern about their health. And those who smoke, stop before its tooo late. You are killing everyone next to you. Your loved one, mom dad family girlfriend. There are many ways to stop smoking. No matter how hard it is, it is nt impossible to stop your bad habit. Only you can change yourself.

For those who are close to smokers, support them to stop smoking. Smokers need support from their loved ones.

and dear smokers,
If it is not now, then when, if it is not you then who?

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