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Saturday, October 3, 2009


it's rainingggg outside. i can see the rain is showering the earth. and seriously i'm feeling sleepy wish i'm in my blanket now. haha. so plan of the day is going to my besty's open house and and my ustazah's open house too. but before that maybe going somewhre. nyna wants to but a card for her relrel. haha. good luck card i think. it's up to her. she is so so so into that relrel. since form 1. since the first day of school. she told me. haha. first sight love. okay nina. i get it, this your love story. u knw mine too. :)

seriously, i cant wait for the PMR to end. well, all the pmr candicates cant wait. i'm feeling great cause someone just gave me some boost last night. thanks to that person a.k.a the one i've been crushing on.haha. i never thought that he could be this nice. :) yeah, he's great ! :D yea, i better get going . got to do lots and lots of thing. hopefully this will be my last post before pmr. hopefully yea. :D

i knw i have changedddd.


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